TEXT TOPIC: Why are you rough to live with?

My wife tells me I'm hard to live with. I'm a clean freak. And I love to garden. I'll spend hours outside getting out yard just right

ruff to live with. I am a creature of habit don't mess with it. I.e. laundry on Sunday, no dishes in sink overnight

I can t stop singing. Not just songs, I sing everything. My life is a musical.

I'm tough to live with. I use mineral make-up, and it gets EVERYWHERE in the bathroom (walls, floor, counter) when I apply it. Drives my husband insane.

my husband says I m a wrapper slob. Kit kats and fruit snack

I’m a terrible housekeeper. My poor husband does most of the cleaning.

I am so forgetful. I m always asking my wife where is the ...?

I’m the clean freak wife is not. When she says she s cleaning

I have to go back and double check her work.

when a lot is going on I start to shut down and get irritated and go from 0 to a 100 real quick

I like things done a certain way throughout the house except for putting clothes away. I hate putting laundry away and the bedroom is full of piles of my clothes. It s always been this way and roommates and my spouse have to put up with it

I m so laid back. Wife hates that I don t show emotion. But when I do it scares my kids cause it s so unusual.

I have OCD but I hate cleaning so always irritated

honestly I like a little clutter. My sink has to be clean but as for random crap I don't mind laying around

I have OCD and my husband does not. So I end up nagging a lot. It s tough on our relationship.

I'm an emotional dude, so I struggle to keep roommates and currently live in a hole. You guys are my roommates now, thanks!

I like alone time and get cranky easily, so lots of roommates think I don't like them. I just need a little space!

I'm cleaner than my hubs. I clean and get super bitter! He thinks I have rage issues. I do..because of him!!

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