TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD! October 16, 2017

something good, I just found out I am pregnant!

after being a permanent resident since 2004, today I am becoming a citizen!

Took my engagement pictures this weekend and finally set a wedding date!

got approved for found & moved into our 1st home in 6 weeks. It was crazy! But glad 2b in our new place! #blessed

working my dream job at Ogden school district working with high risk kids! I love it SO much

I'm headed to Scottdale this week for a mini family getaway!! So excited

I won a weight loss challenge against fam. I weigh less than I did before my baby a year ago

after getting older and way out of shape I m finally hit50 days in a row at the gym and I am 20 pounds down today

just got a promotion at work!

started my in vitro medications today. Fingers crossed for a baby this month!

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