TEXT TOPIC: Do you and your spouse sleep in separate beds?

One thing I would suggest are sleeping meds might help and also make the issue of him going to the doctor about you so he feels like he is helping you

parents married for 40 years. Never slept in the same bed. Dad got a c pap and stopped snoring but out of habit they still sleep in separate beds. It works for them

my hubby and I have slept in separate beds/bedrooms for at least six years. Doesn't affect our overall relationship/intimacy it's just that he snores

I recorded my husband snoring (he thought I was exaggerating) ultimatum that I''d sleep elsewhere. Worth the fight to get sleep. He finally went in has sleep apnea uses CPAP and we all sleep!

My parents have been happily married for 30+ years. My dad is a horrible snorer. My mom typically goes to bed with him, then moves to the couch when it gets bad. Nothing against my dad, mom just needs some sleep.

same thing my wife will wake me cause I m snoring. Could they breathe right strips. They seem to help. With us she goes and sleeps

on the couch

tell her to buy a Zyppah. It's a mouth guard that helps people stop snoring, and that will help him from moving all night!

was in the same boat. Wife put it out strait and let me know it was straining the marriage. Being intimate from no sleep and resentment due to no sleep

my poor wife is also dealing with my snoring and it''s bad... every once in a while I will sleep on the couch. She sleeps better but I don''t haveany sick days to do a sleep study

we've slept in seprt bdrms for the last 17 years, it's the only way we can get a good night's rest without disturbing each other with thrashing & snoring

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