TEXT TOPIC: What was your big break with your job or career?

My ex-husband was supposed to be on a real estate show on ABC. That did not work out but it did for me I divorced him and became the producer of the ABC show. Since then it has opened many doors for me. Getting divorced was the best choice I have ever made :-)

now work in IT one of the guys quit on the spot that same day I drove my boss home. I had a Carputer with a ps3 in my glove box her examined it and said if you can do this you should apply for the IT job. Got the job a week later.

our CEO quit unexpectedly, my boss was promoted and the next thing I knew I was a program director. Employee to director in 48 hours.

doing landscaping and the foreman called out sick,I stepped up and proved I can run a group of guys well, ended up replacing him.

co-worker retired. Wanted her job. Boss had me doing both her job & mine for 3 months until he changed the job requirements so I could apply.

one of our big bosses got into a fight and was fired. I got a call saying I'm going to Hawaii in his place for our fundraiser now I'm the big cheese!

team lead kept asking for days off. Our supervisor asked me to do his responsibilities promoted me he's under me now and I'm 19 and youngest lead

my SON got promoted early because his store manager was out for medical reasons. It was supposed to be temporary but they love him and he's a manager.

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