TEXT TOPIC: Do you love your friend but hate their spouse?

Thank heavens my brother in law is going thru divorce now because his wife is lazy, and compulsively lies. We love him though.

My best friends man is the laziest person you will ever meet. He hasn't had a job for 3 months. His latest excuse: his uncles dog died.

I love hanging out with my brother but his wife is a buzz kill. She's lazy rude and never heard of a shower

my wife is the spouse that people don t like. I know this but haven t told her. I gotta live with her.

I’m the 1 ppl like to hang around, but they don’t care for my husband. He’s not the perfect husband they all seem to have, & he’s on the anti-social side so he doesn’t talk much.

my best friend. Her husband is the most obnoxious person. He was an ass in high school and a bully. So Surprised she married him.

husbands friends wife. Lies about everything. Is a one upper .Makes everything we do together dreadful haha

I have a really good friend who everyone loves. But no one likes her husband. I’ve had many people tell me that he s a huge jerk.

love my bishop. Sweet, charming guy. Can't stand his wife, judgmental, close minded. Definition of Utah bubble.

Brother’s wife. Always grumpy and silent. Rolls her eyes when anyone in the family talks. Whispers to my brother. Their teen daughter now acts the same way.

hubs cannot stand my BFFs husband: he’s ignored my hub and will only give one word answers; stares at other women. I hang out with her solo, but if she wants to double, I ALWAYS have to bribe my hub and we always try to leave early

best friends husband. He’s crude. Would say inappropriate sexual comments to me and even her family members.

group of 5 couples-we all don't like 1 wife. She's dumb, rude, ugly, annoying.

My Aunts husband! We all love to hang out with her but here husband is a gross pervert that no one wants to be around!

My sisters husband treats our family like 2nd class citizens & all he wants to do is flash how much he has #insecure

I m the spouse nobody likes until they get to know me. I don’t care, screw them.

I feel like this is all my friends with my husband... he can be a little overwhelming

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