TEXT TOPIC: Are you too busy at work but you don't really do anything?

there Is a girl who is always working not taking lunch and working late but her numbers don t show her working

I’m super busy at work. The worst thing to ever happen to my productivity was when Netflix made itself downloadable to my phone.

I work as a nurse and there s other nurses who complain about being busy while sitting on the phones all shift

there’s this Forman at my work that doesn’t do anything! He depends on his labours and operators to do his job including paperwork

coworker is the 1st to complain about being busy, but then she always comments on what she is reading on FB, on the phone w/her hub, & coordinate her house plans.

Our "I.T" guy is like this. But he's always in the break room. And if he is in office he's at his desk fast asleep. #snoring

a coworker of mine is always "busy". The only thing she's busy with is nagging everyone and overcomplicating simple problems. No one likes her.

This guy is always on his Ipad playing video games have caught him sleeping multiple times

my coworker, NEVER works, always playing angry birds on his phone and he complains about getting write ups for not doing his job

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