TEXT TOPIC: When did you become self aware?

became painfully aware that I'm prideful and think I am better than other people. It's a hard cycle to break and I'm trying to change my mindset

just realized that im the person that puts down people when im around others im doing it to my wife

are used to be an extremely touchy person and someone called me out on it one time at school and I finally realize that I was and now I am not a touchy person at all

I’m the person that keeps talking when others just want to leave. I come to realize this after 33 years of life. :(

just realized how much I complain and how whiney I am. I also gossip a lot. I m trying to be more positive.

hubs said I bully him. I grew up with guys where we tease ea other. Intention was 2 b funny not mean. Made me realize I can overdo it sometimes

my hubby told me I'm an eye switcher. I can't pick an eye 2 look @when I'm up close chatting w/ some1. So now I avoid eye contact & it's awkward.

I’m a pusher. Pushing people to do things they don’t want to do

first serious bf in made me aware I tell the same stories when he was breaking up with me and telling me everything I need to change about myself.

I had horrible camel toe and was oblivious. A BOY pointed it out. I had no idea what it even meant or what it was

I realized I cut people off ALL THE TIME

found out in a one upper haha when someone tells a story I always follow w one of mine that is similar or better... gotten much better at just listening now =

used to be terrible about vague-booking all the time & fishing for compliments from people until a cousin called me out on it Now can't stand it from others

I have a courtesy Giggle. My coworkers pointed it out and I just can't stop! After every night so funny remark I giggle without even smiling

I had a boss tell me that he never has to ask my opinion because it's written on my face.

had a friend tell me that I didn’t know how to accept a compliment. Ever since then if someone takes the time to compliment me

unfortunately my boss had to tell me I m too bossy... something I’ve known my whole life and my husband says but your boss is a different story. Oops!

My chewing! I don t chew with my mouth open but if I eat ANYTHING around my mom she will leave the room. She always asks me if its my last meal

I am deaf in my left ear so I talk really loud sometimes! It wasn't until high school where my friend said, hey, time it down, you don't need to shout. :/

I bounce my legs when sitting down. I never realized I did it until a friend sat next to me in English class and put his hand on my leg to see if I would stop haha

My chewing! I don t chew with my mouth open but if I eat ANYTHING around my mom she will leave the room. She always asks me if its my last meal

One day my husband commented about how negative I was. It just really hit me. It was a hard truth but helped me to become a more positive person.

I became aware that I can t ever give the short and sweet version of a story. I go on and on. Totally take after my mom and became aware when my husband told me, ok I get it you re beating a dead horse here. And then proceeded to tell me I go on and on

I'm a huge trash talker with sports, but I get butt hurt when people come at my teams. Hubs finally told me I need to take it if I dish it. Whoops!

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