LISTEN: Listener Janene's Sister Kelly, Helped Vegas Shooting Victims

Kelly talks with Frankie and Jess on 97.1 ZHT and recounts what happened during the shooting in Las Vegas. She was able to move many people to safety as well as help those that were injured because of her medical training. Listen!


From listener Janene

Hi Frankie and Jessica!

I love the show and have been listening every morning for 12 years. My sister Kelly was at the concert in Vegas with a few of her friends. I’m incredibly grateful that she and her friends are safe and unharmed. Kelly is a Pharmacist, so she has medical training. She stayed and helped take care of the injured and get them to the trauma center with other great people. Everyone that knows her will not be surprised that she jumped into action and was up all night doing what she could to help. She stayed until there were only bodies left to cover. She saw horrifying things. Below is something she shared with our family. Not only am I incredibly grateful she and her friends weren't injured but I'm super proud of her for going into rescue mode during this unbelievable tragedy.

On Monday my sister in law asked her by text what she would take away from this experience (before she’d even had a had a chance to sleep) and she wrote "Here is what I'll choose to remember the most: There is a local man named Erik who drives a Red 4-door Ford truck who lived near the venue (not sure if he was at the concert itself). He let us load up his truck with critical and injured people and took them to the hospital (ten miles away). He took three separate trips! I tagged along in the back on the last ride and witnessed him in action. I would call it Armed Forces mode. He quickly and safely got a large amount of people to the hospital. We went back to the medic tent area and when we were cleared to leave; he offered rides to get any volunteers to their destinations and offered couches and beds to those of us who were stranded. He is an outstanding man who will never be forgotten. And I hope that he can overcome what he witnessed. And oddly, I hope he is able to get the interior of his truck professionally cleaned very soon."

It’s so beautiful how people can come together during a tragedy. I asked her if she thinks she will have PTSD, and she absolutely knows she does. She can’t close her eyes without seeing all of those horrifying images of the bodies. She’s still in Vegas because this vacation included their kickball tournaments in Vegas this coming weekend. I have always thought that she is the best person I’ve ever met, and I feel like this proves.

Thank you for always making my morning. I used to sell radio advertising, and have always been such a huge fan and supported of radio.

 Love you guys!


Video from Kelly while the shootings took place.

This is after the first round of shots. So, Jason Aldean was off stage. I still didn't know what was going on. But, this captures the second round of firing. I was located East of the stage. Most shots hit the West side. No one in my area saw anyone hit. Even though the one scream may sound like it.


Here’s a story about Erik, who Kelly talks about in her story.  


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