TEXT TOPIC: Are you dreading a certain conversation?

dreading telling my parents I’m pregnant with my 4th. They've never been happy when I’ve announced. Even though I’m grown and on my own it’s reeeaaallly scary!

I am getting married in two weeks and I have to tell my dad he’s not allowed to drink at the wedding. He s a drunk no matter how much I want to believe he’s doing better The last time we got together he was a shiz show and it was so embarrassing. But I’m really dreading this conversation. He always gets so defensive.

I need to have a convo with my wife. She's a stay at home mom and I need to tell her that she needs to help keep the house clean and help make dinners

My female coworkers have asked me to be the spokes person to talk to our boss who is a perv. I have to tell him that we are all very uncomfortable about how he stares at all of our chest when he talks to us.

have to talk w my nephew about getting his life together. Young, dumb and completely wasting his potential hanging out with a bunch of losers.

I haven't been following my dr's diet, and I have to meet with him next week...

my husband has to tell off his step mom because we just found out she owes his grandmother $200,000

have to tell my mom that I m in love with a black guy. My parents are not fans, but she just got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Scared to add to the stress.

telling my boyfriend I'm pregnant. It's my first baby so I'm terrified. Third for him and he doesn't want any more.

I'm gonna have to tell my wife I'm off to fight isis

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