TEXT TOPIC: What industry do you work in but you don't partake in?

I work for Farr's ice cream. But I hate ice cream

work for an essential oil company but I don’t use it

I sell credit cards, but I don't believe in using credit #ramseylife

work on a dairy and will not drink milk

what you guys just said. My husband works for coke and hates soda! And I drink only pepsi

I work in the scrapbooking industry as an illustrator and product designer. I hate scrapbooking!

I work at a scrapbook store and guess what I don’t do? I actually hate to scrapbook and my boss doesn’t t even know.

barista and do not like the taste of coffee.

work for eBay but only shop on Amazon.

in college met a guy who majoring in tv broadcasting, Seinfeld was at its peak at the time so I asked him if he liked it, he said what’s that I don’t watch any tv I don’t own a tv?!

work as a pharmacy technician but I'm all about holistic medicine haha!

used to work for ATT Wireless and had a Cell phone through Sprint. Awkward when customers would ask which phone plan I had.

work in the benefits department with my company but I have my husband's because the benefits are awful..

work for UPS but will only send packages using United Postal Service

I do hair for a living. I am super Low maintenance I will go a year without cutting or coloring my hair and I wear very little make up.

friend works for a big bank, but doesn't have an account. "Banks are shady AF"

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