TEXT TOPIC: Did you get happy news and then bad news soon after?

I was at the hospital and just saw my first grand baby born and seconds later got a call from hubby that someone set our house on fire

I was in Iraq found out I was going home. Next day found out my grandmother died

I found out I was pregnant then I found out my mom was passing away

I was accepted to study abroad in England I fly out after thanksgiving. But the bad news is after I found out my Bro has stage 2 cancer in the brain.

In 2015, after being married 6 years my husband and I FINALLY found out we were pregnant. 2 days later we found out my MIL had kidney cancer. 2 days after that we found out my Dad had Hoskins Lymphoma. MIL died in Aug. Dad died in Dec. and we had our daughter in Jan.

I had taken my daughter and wife to Disneyland for the first time for everyone. Came back found out my father passed away. Still haven’t recovered from it.

brother got a mission call. Family was celebrating. Couple hours later found out our uncle committed suicide

found out I didn't have ovarian cancer next morning my FIL passed away

On the same day....one of my brothers got married and the other was killed in a motorcycle accident.

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