TEXT TOPIC: What did your kid stick in their ear, nose or mouth?

my brother swallowed and pooped out a Barbie comb. Ouch!

stuck toilet paper in his nose, jelly bean in his ear, and swallowed a nickel. What the heck kid! Tweezer for TP and JB, passed the nickel.

My brother went to the hospital with a bean up his nose. ER Doc had to remove it.

stuck craft beads up my nose when I was 4. Ambulance was called because my sister watching me freaked out. Safe to say I was then banned from craft beads

When my son was young. He picked up a orange bead. As big a the gumball. He looked at me and yummy orange and he swallowed it. He thought it was a mini orange. So scary

Cousin was about 2 or 3, stuck a bean in his ear, no one knew about it until he started stinking really bad, took him to the Dr to get it removed.

an eraser in her ear, found when she started school, thought she was deaf in one ear! No wonder she never listened!!

@ 6 yrs old my son put a popcorn kernel up his nose & told me about it so we tried to get it out but could t see anything - so he said "I was just kidding I didn''t put it up there" fast forward 2 months he sneezed & out came the nastiest mucus covered popcorn kernel – disgusting

Son put a little triangle Lego up his nose. Had to use tweezers get it out, almost didn't get it, but luckily did. He was bleeding from it all.

son stuck a jelly bean so far up his nose I thought I was going to have to take him to the we. I blue pepper in his face he shot that bean out like a rocket!

my nephew stuck a rock in his ear, could not get it out. Had to go to the doctor & luckily they were able to dig it out or he would of had surgery

nephew had a pinto bean stuck in his nasal cavity, things started to stink to him. A Dr examined him & saw it was starting to sprout, removed it!

Nobody in my family (including my mother.) would hold me when I was a baby because I smelt so bad, my grandma finally convinced my mom to take me to a doctor, and they found that I had shoved a big sponge up my nose that had been there for awhile and that was why I was known as the stinky baby.

swallowed a quarter as a kid got stuck in my throat had surgery to get it but it went dwn had to let it pass naturally.

I swallowed a penny and stuck a nut up my nose. And my son swallowed a Lego and stick a dime up his nose

My nephew put a crayon up his nose because he didn''t want to share the Green one with his brothers. He had to go to insta care to have it removed because it went up so far.

My 5 year old ate a whole small tub of brown play doh. He thought it was chocolate

My little bro stuck raisins u his nose. Mom got mad at us cuz we wouldn''t play with him cuz he stunk! Finally took him to doc cuz he had breathing problems. That''s when we found out he had raisins up there fermenting. That was the stench

When my sister was 3 she shoved a Halloween candy pumpkin up her nose.

sister stuck a bean up her nose that sprouted!! Her breath was horrible!!

My little sister swallowed a dime when she was 2 (she s 12 now)still don t think she s passed it lol

My now 8 year old swallowed a penny when she was one. Stayed in her throat for 2 months and had to be surgically removed. #momfail

My daughter stuck beads up her nose from a bracelet that broke

I might as well have been a piggy bank when I was young. I swallowed quarters pennies dimes...pesos. if it was coins I was eating it.

my brother stuck rose petals up his nose "to smell them forever"

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