TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a friend that is cool unless they're around others

my really good friend is so sweet and loving to me, but when we get around boys she always finds a way to embarrass me or make feel dumb about something

Step daughter. When she is around me, we are great and have fun. She doesn’t acknowledge me on social media at all...even when it’s pictures of her I’m posting.

my brother does this. He's a total dbag when he's around his wife and then much nicer alone. Haven't seen/heard from him in 6+ months.

My SIL is bff with my hubs ex gf Ex wants hubs back SIL is super sweet when its just us total B when the ex is around I had to be the jerk wife that told hubs sorry can t be friends with the ex anymore Not playing that game

co worker friend….We get along great when it’s the two of us in the office but when other co workers come in she’s rude to me.

My husband’s cuz stayed with us for a week. When we were alone together cuz was really nice and interested in talking. When my husband was around the cuz would treat me like crap.

had a friend that would act like I was lame when we were around other girls but when it was just us we were bff's

when my BFF is around bilingual people, they only speak Spanish & leaves me out. No matter how often I say HOLA!!! no hablo Espanol

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