TEXT TOPIC: What are you nervous about?

I'm nervous to be asking for a raise today

I have a proposal presentation. Asking for a budget of 500k. I’ve been in consistent internal panic for weeks. =3

this Friday were goin on a trip with my wife family! Its the first time everyone is goin it could go good or bad 5 days #prayforme

nervous about a math midterm exam. Math is far from being my strong point and this is my second time taking this class.

confronting a sibling about being an alcohlolic and asking parents for $ they're maxing out all cards thinking they're helping

I’m getting married Wednesday and I havent written my vows yet

I'm nervous about talking to my husband tonight. We are about to get divorced and none of our talks end well. Hoping tonight will be different.

Parent Teacher Conferences. I''m the kinder teacher who was "fired" by my expressive biting 5 year old boss-boy. I get to meet 23 times two grown ups of my little mini bosses.

my daughter goes in to have her heel checked out today she can barely walk on it. Hoping it's nothing serious as volleyball season is upon us

I'm getting married and nobody knows...

I’m proposing tonight at our anniversary dinner. We’ve been together four years today!

I am a teacher and I have to have a meeting with a crazy dance mom who has verbally accosted me the last three times we have been in a room together. Yay.

getting a new boss this week. Its between 3 people and 2 of them are in my office area so it s been super awkward and very gossipy since they found out the position was open. Cant wait for it to be over!

nervous about moving from OKC to Las Vegas NEXT WEEK, haven t heard from the moving company yet...

I confronted two co workers about talking behind my back and spreading rumors about me and I'm scared to see them again today!

I have a job interview today but it's on Facebook Live! So anyone can watch!! Nervous & excited!

Terrified to give a 2 hour presentation regarding the new Department I just took over.. I haven t even started the position yet.

starting a new job

just got dumped and I'm pregnant so I'm super nervous about that I don't want to do it by myself

I'm ready to start trying to have a baby but I am so nervous to tell my husband how I have been feeling because I'm scared he won't feel the same.

today around 7:20 I find out whether my toe will be amputated or not... and I am pretty nervous about the situation

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