TEXT TOPIC: Did someone knock on your door with a strange request?

our neighbor knocked on our door and asked if my husband would marry their niece so she could come to the country. They offered $3k.

swat team at my door at 2 am, guns drawn, looking for a murder suspect that had ran from the trailer park next door

2:00am crackhead knocks on my door trying to sell a vcr.

Pounding on my door at 2:00am, cop was looking for a suspect. Didn't believe me when I said that person wasn't here. Scared me to death

my wife and kids were home in the middle of the day and there was a knock on the door. My wife answered and it was the FBI asking about our neighbors. We had just moved in so we did not know much about them.

2 yrs ago I had a 16 boy come to my door asking if he could borrow one of our guns. Gave me a lame excuse he was doing a competition at Cabelas in Lehi

I live next to a park in West Jordan. One day a parent had their young child come to my door and ask if they could use my bathroom. I felt bad saying no but I didn''t want the word to spread through the neighborhood that we bathroom facilities for use to the public.

man knocked looking for daughter and tried pushing way in. didnt know him, turned into physical fight home owner shot on life support 1 year later right-hand paralyzed but lived. Shooter never found

2 so-called under cover cops came to my door at 9:30 at night asking to come in to talk about the next-door neighbors

Doorbell rang late one night and opened it to brown paper bag on fire. Not dog poop....it was a can of Diet Coke. Wth?

I’m the 1. Out for a run in provo. Bug flew in my eye &it HURT. Needed help, ran 2 closest house, they only spoke Spanish. I looked like a crazy person

We had a yard sale a couple years ago and accidentally left one of our signs up. We had somebody show up at 3 in the morning with the sign pounding on my door down I answered my door with my pistol. They dropped the sign and ran

in north orem I had a girl frantically come up to my door and said she needed to use the restroom. She left after I let her use it (reluctantly) and also left her crack pipe behind in the water tank of my toilet.

a neighbor at our old house sent her little kid around asking for cigarettes for her. Ummm we don't smoke.

Cops knocked on my door asking me to turn my motion light off so I wouldn’t give them away during their raid of my neighbors

we heard something out our front door and came and open the front door to find that someone had started our front door wreath on fire at 4 AM

got a knock on my door 3 yrs ago. Cops asked if we knew the homeless guy that was sleeping in front of our next door neighbor. Liberty park area

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