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photography is my means of income quit asking for free shiz and giving poor me stories

I am a wedding and family photographer. I tighten the waste line of heavier set woman without their knowledge just so they feel good about themselves so they recommend me.

PT photog- clients think they get every single shot taken, you don't, you get the best of the session. Not editing 100+ pics for you!

Im a wedding and portrait photographer, let s just say the more impatient you are the less images I give you and less effort I put in

if a photographer stops a shoot to show you the photos, they want you to see that you are making a weird face or don’t like the way your posing without having to actually say it, they are hoping it corrects the behavior

I’m a newborn photographer. The pictures might look perfect, but behind the scenes, we are all covered in poop, pee, and sweat! And it looks like a tornado hit!

closest friends and family will always want photos and cards like the week before Christmas and rushed as if I am not busy already

I am a pro photographer 10+ yrs and shocked at how many wedding photogs are not insured, don t have a business license or backup cameras

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