TEXT TOPIC: What would you like to change about your spouse?


I would change my fiancé’s sense of style I hate the way he dresses

one thing I would change is my wife embellishes things to impress when she really doesn’t t need to, I. HATE. IT!!!

I wish I could change the hubs social awareness. He has no concept of when someone is trying to exit a conversation and just keeps talking

The one thing I would change about my husband is I wish he was more romantic

if I could change one thing about the love of my life it would be self awareness. The man is amazing but he thinks he’s the only person on the planet sometimes and he just needs to dial it in and pay attention.

his temperament. Too angry too stressed. #rosecoloredglasses

I wish my s/o would make the freaking bed!!!! Just once! Ugh.

I would change how my husband always picks his skin. He's covered in scars and open zit wounds b/c he just can't help it. A gene.

I think my wife is perfect other than her sex drive is dismal.

I wish my fianc would stop shopping. Not a day goes by he doesn’t t spend at least 150-200 bucks. This month he’s spent over $3500 already on junk

wish my hubby would pay less attention to his computer and be more willing to have sex.

I would change my wife so she's not so uptight about my son from previous marriage and just let me take care of him she stresses me out

I would change my husband's attitude as far as learning a new language, my family speaks Spanish and he does not.

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