Diaper Needs Awareness Week

Three hundred thousand diapers – A gift from Kimberly-Clark

In June of this year we received a generous diaper donation from Kimberly-Clark.  Almost three hundred thousand Huggies diapers for the state of Utah.  Since we were founded four years ago we have been amazed at the community’s response to this problem.  Last year over 100,000 diapers were donated by individuals and organizations.  We used these donations as well as some monetary donations to distribute over 120,000 diapers to those in need.

These donations coupled with the many volunteer hours contributed to the diaper bank brought us to the attention of Kimberly-Clark and qualified us for a diaper bank donation.  Huggies donates over 20 million diapers a year to diaper banks.  This year because of our community’s support we have been chosen as one of the recipients.  We thank not only Kimberly-Clark but our supporters over these past few years.

What this donation means

This donation will allow us to begin to ship 25,000 – 30,000 diapers a month.  We are now shipping 5,000 – 10,000 of these diapers each month to locations beyond the greater Salt Lake area.  We’ve estimated the statewide need to be over 100,000 diapers a month.  With this increase in shipments we will begin to impact the shortage in our state.

It also means that we will need continued support from the community. We are still an all-volunteer organization operating out of a private residence.  At 12,000 to 15,000 diapers a month our ability to receive, wrap, pack, and ship our monthly distribution was stretched very thin.  Going to over 25,000 diapers a month has pushed us to the breaking point.  We will be exploring all means to obtain a facility to operate out of.  We will be searching for capital grants as well as corporate and individual capital donations.  We’ve already received one grant and one donation pledge of $2,500 toward this goal.  

Why we exist

Safety-net programs such as the Food Stamp Program and WIC (Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children) do not cover the cost of diapers

Low-income parents cannot take advantage of free or subsidized childcare if they cannot afford to leave diapers at childcare centers. If parents cannot access daycare, then they are less able to attend work or school on a consistent basis

Most people living in poverty do not have affordable access to washing facilities. Furthermore, most coin-operated laundromats do not allow customers to wash cloth diapers for health and sanitary reasons.

What we do

Support diaper drives: bins, banners, flyers etc. and collect donations

We drop off bins and pick them up then re-wrap and distribute throughout the community

We distribute about 30,000/ month most are  gone within the first week

Our History

Founded in 2012 after observing a year of diaper shortages in Salt Lake.  First full year was 2013

Heard about the diaper bank movement ,after investigating found diaper banks in 35 states but none in Utah

Founded non-profit, affiliated with the national diaper bank network, started facilitating diaper drives

Currently diaper banks in 45 states with two in Utah us and one in Park City

In addition to the Wasatch Front we distribute diapers to St. George. Cedar City, Richfield and starting this month we delivered Price, Green River, CastleDale, and Moab

Our vision is diaper banks and distribution to all counties in Utah. We are moved by the community response once folks become aware of the problem. We are an all-volunteer 501c3 public charity


Victor Velivis

Founder and Executive Director

Utah Diaper Bank


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