TEXT TOPIC: Family members who kiss other family members on the mouth

my grandma is this person She not only kisses she will pinch your butt . Funny thing is she is 100% Mormon and doesn’t think it’s inappropriate to pinch the bishops butt

both of my grandpa's kiss on the lips it must be a once you hit 80 you start kissing everyone on the lips.

blame it on the Dr saying he warned not to allow because of health reasons. I’m 39 yrs old and my Poppa and uncle and mom all kiss me on my lips. It makes others uncomfortable and I love it. I giggle.

I kiss my son on the lips. I see no problem with it. It isn’t sexual unless you make it sexual. It s showing affection. #kissonthelips

Can you guys share this kissing on the mouth topic on Facebook? That way I can share it with my mother-in-law without actually telling her and causing a huge fight

we grew up kissing on the cheek, now my sister kisses her kids on the lips, so my 4yr. nephew INSISTS on mouth kissing me. It makes me feel weird

my grandpa; I told my mom I didn’t want grandpa to kiss me anymore when I was 7. She told my grandpa that my brother and I didn’t like his mustache and to just kiss us on the cheek instead. It worked.

my neighbor kisses HIS brother on HIS lips #WTF

my wife's aunt only kisses me on the lips!!! Oh well yolo

My gma who passed 2 years ago would kiss on the mouth. Everyone, multiple times per interaction. We had to start fake coughing when we picked her up so she wouldn’t kiss us anywhere but the cheek.

1 year old niece got herpes from somebody kissing her on the lips so we told all family members no more kissing on the lips. We tell friends and family members how dangerous it can be to kiss our baby on the lips

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