TEXT TOPIC: Do your parents or grandparents hate your kid's name?

When my son was born, my mother in law asked me the name and when I told her she straight out said "I don’t like it, it’s an ugly name" His name is Anthony. #stupidoldlady

my dad told me my daughter would grow up to be a "pole dancer" with her name. Her name is Serenity.

My brother's name is Ian. My grandma hated it so much she called him Joe for the first 5 years of his life.

going to name our daughter Jade but Mom in law just rolls eyes every time and tells us all the other names she likes. Not changing it

I have 2 boys. My oldest has my dad's middle name. My youngest has my grandpas middle name & my dad hates it! He asked Y couldn't it be different

my grandmother hated that my parents named my brother Max. What is he a dog?

my sons name is Bronco. My whole family besides me and my husband are Dallas cowboy fan. Needless to say they hate the name.

yes my father in law hates that i added a tongan middle names so he calls them by his own names

daughters name is Miranda, grandparents called her Amanda for first 2-3 years of her life

Have 2 daughters Montana and Sedona. My parents still can't spell Sedona's name right. They call her Sid.

my mom hated my sons name when we first told her. She kept giving us other names and would make this face when we said the name.

Named my son Ryder. My gpa hated it. Thought he was named after a trucking co. Now I see those Ryder Trucks driving and laugh to myself

my sons name is izen I made it up mom was upset the I didn't go with a biblical name

my son Jace my MIL hates it she wants me to name him after her husband but he doesn’t even go by his name because he hates it.

when we told my religious mom we were naming by youngest now 7 Kane... Her response was... Like Caine and able?

We named our boys after guns. So our oldest is Wesson. My mom was insistent that everyone would think of the oil. Only one person (and he’s 14 now) has ever said that.

my mom hated the name our son's name Spencer it was too "Mormon" got over it when he was born and now he is so a Spencer

I named my daughter Jordan because I ''d Michael Jordan & my grandma hated it because she hated Michael Jordan, she would always make rude comments

my cousin's dad hated her son's name Skyler and refuse to call him by it instead he called him Gus.

g-ma hated mckynzie said it was a terrible name for a little girl. Wouldnt stop so I ended up changing it to brittany.

My sister's kids are named Amyrah and Lei'la. My grandparents can't say it at all so they always call them both by the wrong name

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