TEXT TOPIC: Did you find out you were dating someone who was already taken?

bf of 8 months had another gf on the side the entire time. He broke up w/ me when the other girl wanted to move in w/ him

I was dating a guy for 18 months before I found out he was married (and had a diff name). Angry feelings.

my friend was dating a guy that had a wife that was pregnant! It was the same guy that was in the news a few months ago that killed that baby. Which she also didn’t know about.

the man who took my "v" card went as far as introducing me to his children b4 his WIFE confronted me

Was dating a guy I met on FB for about 2 months. Got a call from his wife letting me know he had been married for 7 yrs.

dated a guy for about a month that I met through a group of friends. Later I found out he was married but that they had an agreement that they could see other people. The catcher is, she was in the group we were all hanging out with and I was the one who had no idea. Now I know why she was so mean to me in the group ha ha

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