TEXT TOPIC: What is the REAL REASON you broke up?

told my ex girlfriend that I just needed to take care of me. But the real reason was because she wasn't freaky enough in bed

dating before the mission. When he came back dated again then realized he’s not funny and too boring. Sweet guy but not funny enough. Guess i was into boring in high school lol

when your intimate with someone and all your thoughts are consumed with oh my God just get off of me just get off of me you know you're not compatible

broke up with someone because they weren't smart enough. He wrote me a letter saying he wanted a future with me (spelled fucher) and I had to dump him!

not fun enough

broke up with a bf because he wouldn't move out of his bachelor pad. Had no motivation to build a future. Ghosted him.

broke up with the nicest guy in the world because I couldn't get over that I was taller than him

was more in it for personality so when that turned ugly.. he was just.. ugly.

She had a super annoying laugh. It was like the girl on friends that laughs all the time.

he was broke. I can t date someone who I have to support. I work too hard for that. Damn it. Makes me sound shallow

i wouldn’t say Im better, but I would say I had more going for me. He barely finished high school, & couldn’t keep a job. I have 2 jobs and I’m almost done w/ college.

broke up with a girl because she wasn't smart enough for me to have an intellectual convo. Told her it was because she was too young (3 year diff)

broke up with a guy due to his extremely bad breath. I couldn't even imagine kissing him let alone more.

my ex and I agreed we didn't work as couple but main reason I didn't tell him, his huge struggle with depression

he hated gay people I couldn't stomach it.

broke up with someone because I didn't like the sound of his voice.

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