TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something good! September 19, 2017

me and my wife recently went through a divorce but we’re still remaining really good friends and co parents for our kids it’s about the kids and not about us so I’m grateful for that

my wife and i had our 10 wk appt Friday it was so cool seeing the baby move she doesn't think I'm excited cause it was a shock but that made me excited

something good I'm going to comic con this week and for the first time in costume as Ursula the Sea Witch YAY

$1,100 off a dollar scratch ticket and Idaho

recently got laid off in May with a company that I was with for 12 years!! I did the summer of me with me and my kids a week ago I started looking for a job and I have found one and it is so much fun and I absolutely love it!!

Can get behind the wheel again

Start a fun new second job for extra money

I'm quitting my job today!

I've lost 70 pounds since March and only have 9 more to my goal weight.

after trying and trying we are finally going to have a BABY!!!! Feeling so blessed :)

got a satisfactory on my employee evaluation and a raise to go along with it! =

The Ogden Raptors finally won their first Pioneer League Championship! Congrats fellas!

Something good. Got offered asking price for my condo!!!

My 2 best friends are coming to Comic Con from California. I haven't seen them for 3-4 years

my baby girl is cancer free!

my son's dad is back in his life after 7 years

good news...... my grandma Stella McComas turns 100 tomorrow!!!!!

we leave for Disneyland and Seaworld this week. This is the first time for my husband and kids. So excited!

we just got gifted annual Disneyland Passes!!

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