TEXT TOPIC: Is there a culture clash in your family?

my boyfriend's parents only speak Spanish and I only speak English so there's no communication between us

I'm lds and my fiancé is a convert. In laws haaaaate Mormons

funny culture clash. I’m white, in laws black. At a fam reunion. Everyone kept calling me Connie. That is NOT MY name. She was the last white girl that was in the fam. Lol

my husband is originally from a small village in Zimbabwe When I met his parents for the first time it was in the city setting. They were appalled that I didn’t go down to the hotel lobby to have a bowel movement. And I would do that in the near presence of my husband. How did she even know that?

my husband comes from a very drug infested family. A lot of his family have either died or gone to prison. I am anti-drug! 1 time his sister said tome "look what you did to my brother" (she lost her partner in crime)he is the only one that has made anything of himself. It’s hard. They take advantage a lot!!

I'm Mexican and my daughters dad is white and his fam is lds. I pierced her ears when she was 2 months old his mom lost it!

my boyfriend's parents are very conservative/Republican and I'm more liberal and their son's first boyfriend since he came out

FIL's mom didn't approve of him marrying my Mexican MIL. Been married 28 years and still don't talk to the mom/MIL

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