TEXT TOPIC: Do you have secret social accounts?

I have a secret account because I have someone owes me money. They hide stuff from my real account, so I get on my fake account to find out what''s really going on with them.

I have a fake Facebook page to look at my bio dad's Facebook to see if he posts about me. And he does so I report all of the posts about me lol

have a fake account to fight with people on my city community Facebook page that is FULL of drama. I have to do that because I''m a city worker and will lose my job if I do

i have 5 emails n 2 facebook. 2 email n 1 facebook 4 my flirting lol. on twitter n tagged also.

my brother-in-law has a secret account to keep us all updated on his brother's ex fianc. So glad she's not in the family!!!

i have a friend who is a police officer and they made a fake one with a fake name for his family and friends because of the threats he would receive

use my dogs Instagram account to stalk the ex and his new girl.

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