TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: City Workers

We get done what we need to. But it is VERY laid back. Most of the day is driving around in a truck. Just waiting till brake time and lunch haha

my husband works for city and all of the mechanics complain about everything and they hate any type of change - biggest babies!

OMG, my hubby has the same issue as Frankie's friend. No one works, no consequences. #GRRR #governmentjobs

Salt Lake City, our hours may be 8-5 but if I clock in at 7:55 best believe those phones are going to be forwarded at 4:55 haha!

everyone's lazy but as a civilian if you have an issue go straight to the mayor they don't want bad publicity

I'm also currently in the drive through at Betos while listening. That says it all. #pensionlife

I work for a city that rhymes with shaper. Policy is we have to "look" like we're working. Otherwise we don't do much unless the boss is looking.

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