TEXT TOPIC: Are you a car snob?

my friends are embarrassed to ride with me because I drive a minivan. Don't judge me, ain't no shame in my minivan game

my hubby was on military orders in Georgia and the only rental car they he was a minivan = he was not happy, spent 30 mins trying to get ANYTHING else.

With my job I occasionally have to ride in a limo. I hate it because people are always trying to look in to see who's in the back thinking it be a celeb

I drive a prius that has hubby's # and business name plastered ALL over it. #drivingabillboard #smh

My sister had a baby blue 85 Cadillac she used tell people it was mine because I loved it and she didn't want to admit it was hers.

we had a 1976 Dodge Aspen, bubble wrapped seats and a V8. Hauled ass. Called it "Slimer".

minivans, I won't ride in my Mom friends minivans. I always take my Explorer, even if it means we both drive. Haha

my dad had a Geo metro as as his commuter. He would insist on dropping me off in front of school in jr high. Ugh #straightuphoopty

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