TEXT TOPIC: What fear do you face daily?

My biggest fear is driving. I get big anxiety every time.

gigantic stair case at work that you can't avoid. HUGE fear of falling down it every day. Fear came true and almost ate it yesterday #special

have a fear of miscarriage

I’m a medical assistant & I have a HUGE!! fear of speaking in public. I have to call patients names & bring them back to see the Dr. I have to give myself a mini pep talk before EVERY patient EVERYDAY. Face that fear all day still not over it

I'm terrified of natural disasters. Especially the "big earthquake" so every time I go into a building I check to make sure there's cover if I need it

I have a fear of layoffs. I’ve seen it several times and just my short career as a young adult and found out two days ago that layoffs are hitting my company

scared of death and I'm around it all the time since I work in a hospital

scared of catching diseases and I'm a nurse. I put myself in uncomfortable positions to overcome my anxiety

Fear of social situations to the point I make myself physically sick before a meeting, a party, family event, etc.

Hubby is 6'6" so people always expect him to get stuff down from high places...he's scared of heights. If it requires a ladder, it's a no.

do stand up comedy and fear getting on stage.

deathly afraid of going to sleep! The fear of something happening while I'm sleeping and not being about to stop it gives me severe anxiety

play in a local band and I have stage fright. Every single show I play I get crazy anxiety before I get on stage

h8 talking on phone 2 strangers. I'm a PI and have 2 cold call strangers all the time. I freak out 4 days b4.

fear of my ex finding us

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