TEXT TOPIC: What did you not do as a kid and now you regret it?

had a guaranteed role in The Sandlot. I didn't take it because I was too scared. I regret it every single day. #yourekillinmesmalls

I was offered from a modeling agency to model for them. My parents declined, wanted me to have a normal childhood

piano lessons or any music instrument

9 years old, long layover in Paris with my family. Was too tired to look for the Eiffel Tower so missed out on seeing it

broke my arm at 8 in gymnastics and quit. I regretted it so much.

played the violin as a young kid and was amazing at it. I advanced quickly and played with kids twice my age then gave it up because it wasn''t "cool" regret it everyday

regret not sticking with Piano, my older sis is the only one that plays it like a pro

when I was 10 I won a scholarship to study with the San Francisco ballet. Never did and always regret it.

Karate, I learned enough to use intermediate Nunchuk skills then quit. And drum set, I have a set but can't play it.

quit ballet

I regret leaving and not continuing.

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