Our listener's grandfather is missing. Please take a moment to read.

Our listener's grandfather is missing.  Please take a moment to read.  

> Hello, 

> My name is Christina and my grandfather, Nick Kapos, left his Murray home (near 4600 S. 300 E.) on foot Thursday night (9/14) between 7:00pm and 8:30pm and has not come home. He has early dementia so he is lost. Since he has been missing for more than 48hr, and been out for 3 nights in the cold there are serious concerns that he is dehydrated and possibly injured. We had a search/flyer distribution Saturday (9/16) in the surrounding area. But we did not find him. We have been asking that people check their property for any place he may have sought out to get out of the cold (boats, sheds, trailers, cars, bushed, under porches, etc.). Due to disorientation and probable dehydration he may not respond if called for. So a quick but thorough check is a good idea. I was wondering if you could please post the flyer to your site and announce it on air periodically throughout the day. Since he's had several days to be out and walking he could be anywhere at this point. and possibly trying to make his way to Kaysville (where he grew up). Any tips or possible sightings should be reported to Murray Police Department ASAP. Even if someone thought they saw him but aren't 100% sure should still call Murray PD and report it might be something. > > Thank you.

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