TEXT TOPIC: Who's the the show off in your family?

My cousin is such a show off. Drives a BMW, continues to remodel her house over and over. Starting a lifestyle blog that makes me want to gag. Best part, she’s so far in debt it’s not even funny!

my two older effing brothers. Work for NBA organizations and make decent money and are always sending snap chats showing off their cars and watches hahaha

My dad's side of the family is all about keeping up with the Jones' new cars boats trailers. Holiday parties are basically who's the best parties.

my aunt and uncle they are in crazy debt still have a big house nice cars motorcycles anything for looks

my brother in law likes to buy like he's Royalty! Every week he has bought something new over 30k! Good-grief

My cousin always brags about the exotic places she lives at, and the nice condos she owns. She "earns" those by sleeping with old dudes. Haha

my uncle is a show off. Always knows everything about everything, always has the nicest things. He’s the worst to talk to because you’re never good enough! Ugh!

My husband and I are the show offs. Double income, no kids. We love having the latest and greatest stuff.

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