My friend and I have both done this at work twice with another coworker. We talked shiz on Snapchat and accidentally sent it to this other co worker.

And both times we were able to get her phone secretly and delete the snap before she saw it. Ahhh. So stressful. Haha

I was on a first date, I text my best friend "HELP ME!! SAVE ME from this horrific date!! He still lives at home, forgot his wallet. Date from HELL!!I accidentally sent it 2 him while he was sitting across from me.

im a nanny & sent a text talking bad about my boss to my boss I was their 6th nanny in 2 years and after I sent the message they gave me a bonus

sent a text to my sister telling her what a b my mom was being, ranted a few more things... it went to mommy dearest

on couch watching movie with date. He kept trying to kiss me. Texted my friend telling her his breath was SO BAD. I sent the text to my date instead.

I intended to forward a customer's email to my supervisor. I referred to the customer as a creep in my description. I hit reply instead of forward.

I was an MLM five years ago and had given this lady a ton of samples and then she signed up under somebody else and I was venting to my up line about her and I accidentally sent it to her and him in a group text

texted a friend saying I was going to break up with my boyfriend and accidentally sent it to the guy was dating at the time

I was venting about my ex to his sister, which is my good friend, and I accidentally sent it to him calling him in "a-hole"

I was venting about work to my sister who has the same name as my boss, and accidentally sent the message about my boss to my sister.

I got a text that said "I have a friend that is a really big girl but somehow always gets hot guys. I don't get it." I was that big girl.

I was texting my sister about mom acting nuts and sent the text to my mom... who was in the room with me when the text was sent. NOOOO!

Co-worker sent email trashing another co-worker’s appearance calling her "Tami Faye" because of the amount of makeup she wore etc. She sent it accidentally to the entire company (2000 people). Needless to say she was fired. The poor co-worker she trashed quit immediately, she was so humiliated. Sad

after a date with some1 I worked with; I meant to text a friend about how awful it was but i texted the date :(

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