my ex boyfriend reached out and apologized after 5 years, while he was serving a mission in Australia.

my ex apologized after divorce for changing his deductions cuz it lowered tax refund. He did it cuz of AA steps

wrote a letter to my ex saying sorry that I wasn’t as supportive as I felt I should have been. Funny thing is she never said sorry for cheating on me. It’s all good! I got my closure.

with my ''friends'' suggestion, we pulled a prank on my then boyfriend to see if he was loyal. went horrible and we broke up. I called him yrs later, he explained she warned him about me. Apology went well

my ex apologized to me after going through rehab. Said sorry for everything he put me through during his drug use and thanked me for my support

ex apologized 10 yrs later 4 touching me inappropriately while I was sleeping...I moved past all the horrible things you said about me but now I feel violated

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