TEXT TOPIC: Are you cool with your little boy playing with girly things?

I have 5boys, 1 likes nail polish & necklaces, & I don’t have a problem w/it. I’ve also bought all my boys a baby doll. & let them pick out any toy the toy store they want regardless if it’s for boys or girls.

Stepson5 likes to paint his toes. His mom does not like it, she makes him cry and feel bad and takes off his toe nail polish

my 8 year old likes to paint his nails and get a pedicure I am totally okay with it because he just wants to be like Mom and Grandma

My son likes to put on my bras... doesn't bother me. He is 6 and even if it became a thing I would love him no matter what if he is happy I am happy

my 3 year old son loves to dress up as princesses. Hubby & I fully support but my dad gets so mad!

my son at age 5 or six wanted a kitchen and liked the color pink, my husband at the time threw a fit and wouldn''t let me buy him one but I was fine with it. Today he''s 19 and an MMA fighter.

totally cool with it therefore they don't know anything when I was 4th I wanted to be a giraffe

my son when he was younger would try and put on my heels and walk around. It was silly and we'd laugh. He is now 7 and is all boy now.

My son (7) loves lots of girly things. I''ve always been gender neutral with him. He doesn''t realize they are "girl" things. I''m 100% okay with his interests & support him ten thousand percent.

On Monday I had to buy my 5 year old son new shin guards. The store had pink and green. He wanted the pink ones. So with a smile on my face I bought them

5 year old loves all things pink & purple. Who am I to discourage the things he likes

Just this AM my son put on my makeup as I was getting ready at 5:15am! He wants to be like mommy. I'm ok with it

have a 3 yr old boy who loves princesses right now and we fully (hubby and i) support his interests. He is who who is and we will always love him for it!

My 6 year old loves pink and puts a towel over his head to pretend it’s long hair. Hubby & I are ok w/ it. It worries us a bit as he gets older but not much we can do...

My 6 year old son LOVES Shopkins and probably has at least 100 of them. He wanted a Shopkin backpack and lunchbox this year, although he changed his mind and got Minecraft. The only thing I worry about is that some other children are taught it''s not okay and he''d be bullied because of it

My bro was the youngest of 4 & only boy. He wanted to get hair done &polish like us girls so my mom did it. My dad came home from work to a 3 year old son in a dress, bow in hair &nails painted bright pink. His response the same for him as us girls "you look so pretty!" Bro is 40 & no manly man!

my son is 5 , he plays with trucks and he plays with dolls , if we go to the store and he wants a doll , he gets a doll . We need to stop genderizing toys and let kids be kids

I have a 4yr old and my husband NEVER wants him to wear or play with anything girly. He has a fear of our boy turning gay

my sister’s boss'' son is 4 he’s obsessed with dolls and princesses and was the little mermaid for Halloween last year and she’s completely fine with it

I played with barbies when I was growing up. I'm now 6'6" 250# and look like a lumberjack

have old pics of my son in my skirts, swimsuits, tights, heels as a toddler. It's didn't mean anything. is now 8 & obsessed with cars, sports, etc.

have a 2 yr old boy and his favorite blankie is a frozen blanket.. it was my daughters but he claimed it.. hes a total boy

my son picked out a doll at the store and I was totally fine with it. But the cashier try to shame him into a boy toy and I said oh hell no don''t mess with my son

have 6 kids, 5 boys and 1 girl. My 4 year old boy wears princess dresses playing with his 5 year old sister. They are very close.

Both my sons played with a doll. One had an easy bake oven and the other had a my little pony with a baby carrier. They are now and have outgrown it.

my boys love my make up and clothes, and shoes. I'm fine with it. Hubby not so much. They are 4

my stepson has 2 older sisters who paint his nails it makes my husband lose his shit!! I laugh cause I did that to my little brother.

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