Thought it was a Tuesday, was really Wednesday, I missed a family funeral. Had to tell everyone I couldn't get work off


had a training Tuesday morning that I had to come in early for, and I thought it was Wednesday, so I didn't make it to the meeting.

I went to a concert on the wrong day. They let me in, nobody noticed my ticket was wrong. Halfway through the second opener I realized it.

screwed up crazy hair day and pajama day for my daughter. She has never forgiven me for sending her to school with crazy hair and also in pajamas on the wrong day. #momfail

it's today. Thought it was hour late to work. Damn it!

I go to appointments at people's homes. Went to all of my Thursday appointments on Wednesday. None of my clients said anything about me being a day early!

screwed up the day for a college final, I had to email the professor and drive 50 miles in order to make it up.

when I was in kindergarten my mom dropped me off the day after school ended.

a while ago I had 2 jobs, I showed up to the pharmacy in my welding clothes! #nosleep

Requested Wednesday off from work but didn't show up on Tuesday thinking it was Wednesday.... Had to then work Wednesday.

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