EB Almost Bought A House?!? - 3 Weddings & A Podcast

EB almost bought a house this weekend! Join EB and Rob as we talk about just how close EB was to buying the house of her dreams and if she'll keep looking to move before the wedding! When did Rob decide to do his vows with Mallory in front of everyone instead of privately? What was the line he was most proud about? We're also finding out about the texts they sent each other the morning of, and they're not cute! elizabethany also refreshes Rob on all of the speeches from the wedding and the lines he doesn't remember! In the AISLE PILE: a bridezilla who called off the wedding because her fiancé lied about his education, a woman who faked a wedding photo-shoot to get back at her ex, and a website for cheaper veils, dresses, and more wedding necessities!


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