Savannah & Chase Chrisley share how they really feel about their upbringing

The Chrisleys are welcome in our home any time... and by that I mean they're in our home at least a couple times a week as my fiance watches them, and I take notes on how I want to be a parent in the future. Todd's way of being hard, but funny, and creative... it's the dream. I can only hope to have as much fun with my family whenever they're created.

When they called me, I had to ask Savannah and Chase if they agree that it's a good way to be brought up.... and they're not as thrilled about it.

"My dad and I definitely don't always see eye to eye," Chase says.
"My dad is tough, there is no understating that," says Savannah, "but it is very much appreciated."

It's not just that they're tough... there's a LOT of TMI in that household, especially when Nanny Faye gets involved. As someone who doesn't share much of anything with their family [until recent drunken hangs which have brought out too much] it's hard for me to comprehend how they handle it on a regular basis!

Turns out, Nanny was always her own woman, but she definitely blossomed after her husband died, according to Savannah.

and what about Savannah's break up? Whose side will her dad take? It sounds like they'll all continue to have some sort of relationship... no matter who follows who on socials.

Listen to more of this in detail below!