24KGoldn Left Behind a Scholarship to "Set the Mood"

Have you gotten to know our On The Verge Artist 24kGoldn yet?! What about his music? Each of them reveal a lot of layers. Different styles of music, and more personality traits to unfold. He's not your typical artist that has a song taking off on TikTok. This is a guy who can calculate his beats as well as his finances... even if he's counting up the cash to buy a big label accessory.

Did you know he had an academic scholarship to USC that he left behind to chase after his music dream?! I'm sure that went over easily with the family.

He's also pretty good at knowing how to set each mood, with lighting and/or specific songs.

Watch below as he uses his lighting and playlists to set the mood for a bunch of different activities, and describe his music in five words. He's also talking about his first big purchase [spoiler alert: it's a watch that he had a fake version of years before], and if he's still making money from commercials he made as a kid.