Hear The Sweet Story Behind Our 2024 MAYBE BABY Winners!

A major congratulations is in order for this sweet couple Hannah and Kenneth who were just selected as the winners of 97.1 ZHT and Reproductive Care Center's MAYBE BABY! They came by the studio to share their love story - and their story of hoping to expand their family - with the E. White and Erica show and we could not have loved them more!!!

Take a listen to their full interview and fall in love with them as much as we did below:

Of course we have to give so much love to Reproductive Care Center for making this couple's in vitro fertilization journey possible. And a huge shout out to Hannah and Kenneth for being so open with us and sharing their story.

If you are also looking to grow your family with the help of IVF, IUI, fertility drug medications and more, definitely check out our friends at Reproductive Care Center.

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