Videos and Statements from Astroworld Festival Disaster

Astroworld was held November 5th and 6th of 2021. This event resulted in 8 people dying because of an uncontrolled crowd. There was not enough staff, and it was oversold as well. People were passing out and passing away from not being able to breathe. SZA, Drake and of course Travis Scott were some of the concert performers. Some of these videos are upsetting, so be aware as you are clicking through.

Seana Faith, a concert goer, wrote a statement of her experience of Astroworld Fest.

This is the video of her asking the camera man for help.

Video of the merch line

Video of fans breaking through the Entrance and Stampeding.

Video of People trapped in crowd

People screaming "Help!"

People receiveing CPR in crowd

Concert goer, Diablo, gives his statement about attending the concert.

Nurses account of how medics were not trained

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