Local Peak Boxing Hosting Smart Defense Class

Domestic violence affects 39.6% of Utah women, according to the World Population Review. Awareness of domestic violence and recognizing the signs can help save lives.

Peak Boxing + Fitness is on a mission to increase awareness and reduce instances of domestic violence in the Salt Lake community. As part of this mission, Peak Boxing + Fitness is partnering with The Elizabeth Smart Foundation to raise money for the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition.

Peak Boxing + Fitness will be hosting a Smart Defense class for women and girls on Thursday, November 18th at 6:00 PM at the Peak studio located centrally in Salt Lake City.

All proceeds from the class will be donated to the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition. A new local fitness concept, Peak Boxing + Fitness is changing the game in the boxing fitness industry. “Boxing is such an incredible experience -- both physically and emotionally”, says Peak Boxing owner Megan Hitt. “Too many people aren’t able to experience boxing because of a myriad of reasons.

One of the most common reasons women state for not trying boxing is that they don’t feel safe.” Peak Boxing + Fitness is blazing trails to achieve safety in all aspects while boxing. The Peak facility is designed to be very inviting, bright, and clean -- a definite stray from the industry norm.

In addition to the facility, the instructors at Peak are certified personal trainers with additional experience with coaching the underserved in the fitness community -- namely women, the LGBTQ+ community, and overweight/obese people.

The notion of empowering the underserved was a driving force in Peak Boxing teaming up with the Elizabeth Smart Foundation. Smart Defense is a self-defense training course designed specifically for women and girls aged 10+, providing clients techniques specifically selected with the objective of giving women and girls the best chance and/or advantage to either stop a potential threat or escape an attacker.

We know that we can’t guarantee safety from an assault, but knowledge is power. “Predators are looking for easy prey. Fighting back won’t guarantee you come away unharmed, but it has been proven that those who resist and fight back are more likely to either stop an attack from happening or escape.“ (www.ElizabethSmartFoundation.org/smart-defense)

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