Did TikTok Help Solve Where Gabby Petito Was?

Gabby Petito, 22-year-old, from New York went on a cross country trip with her boyfriend of 2 years, Brian Laundrie. She has been missing since the end of August, but was reported missing September 11, 2021. Boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, has also gone missing, and is not cooperating with authorities.

TikTok has gone insane, and has been trying to help solve this missing persons case. Now that a body has been found, and is assumed to be Gabby, people are speculating that TikTok helped solve this case.

Miranda Baker is one of the TikTokers that helped. Her and her boyfriend gave Brian Laundrie a ride in the Grand Tetons. Through her TikTok she talks about that experience.

This Video on TikTok shows a youtube video of a couple who spotted Gabbys van in Teton National Park, this may have tipped authorities off to where to look for gabby.

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