Our Listener's Son is in a Local Film!

No Country For Love is a short film written & directed by Dahson Arave & produced by Marlon Dean Productions, that was released Wednesday night on Marlon Dean YouTube. 

The film is starring multiple “High School Musical the series” actors from Disney +, that really help bring the story alive.

The story is about a young man named Martin (Who is played by Bryan Rey) who feels lost & like an outsider in life, but his love for dance helps him get away from all of that. After living a life that feels like it’s on repeat, a young woman named Olivia (Who is played by Stephani Sosa) comes into his life & helps change that by showing him that there is way more joy in life than what he is seeing.

The film touches on hatred, ignorance, love, friendship & much more. 

It’s a beautiful short film that will help start a lot of conversations, especially with the youth in a productive way.

Again, No Country For Love is out now on Marlon Dean YouTube. Any support to this young cast & crew helps.

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