GoFund Me for 2 Women Found Dead in Southern Utah

Photo: kylie

Kylen and Crystal lived in Moab, UT. They found their way from the best campsite to the next but always showed up for work with the best ethic and greatest intent. This week their lives were tragically taken from this earth.

We do not have details and answers at this time. But what we do know is that we want Kylen to lay to rest with her brother Mackeon Daniel Schulte. My brother, her dad and beneficiary of this fund, will have a lot to cover in the upcoming days as he unfortunately prepares to bury a second child. Mackeon was lost to negligent gun ownership when he was shot and killed by a friend in 2015 at the age of 15.

She always cheered on my fertility journey to be a mom. I’m looking back at messages today and see when I was pregnant with my daughter she said to me: “Awesome remember though to look for a rainbow when its raining and to look for stars when its dark ⭐⭐”. Go be that star baby beeper. We love you!!

This fund is specifically to raise money for Kylen’s dad, Sean-Paul Schulte, to be able to travel and get Kylen to Billings, MT for a proper burial with her family. Funds are needed for travel from Montana to Utah to coordinate transporting Kylen to Montana as well as the transportation of Kylen and then travel back to Montana to lay Kylen to rest with her brother. Any additional funds will support hotel costs, food, and loss of wages during this time.

Thank you for any and all support and love.


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