Local Adaptive Ski Day Helps Those Who Are Disabled Water Ski!

Mountain Land Physical Therapy and Neuroworx have teamed up to provide personalized assessments and entry-level instruction along with adaptive equipment to help individuals experience water skiing without limitations. Through incredible planning and professional support, this volunteer team comes together to provide a USA Water Ski sanctioned event that is both safe and fun.

Skiers will ride on an adaptive ski that is customized to fit their individual needs. A support team of certified drivers, spotters, swimmers, and physical therapists are on hand at all time as the skier makes laps up and down the lake. A chase boat follows close behind the skier with a swimmer ready to jump in and assist if the skier has any trouble.

This event has enabling our guests to see that life doesn’t have to end when their bodies change and has brought hope in what can seem like a difficult and often dark time. This will be the thirteenth year for this Adaptive Ski Day event and would not be possible without the help of Mountain Land Physical Therapy, Neuroworx, and the many volunteers who are part of the fun at Last Chance Lakes.

Listeners that are interested can get in contact with us to participate next year. They can email me personally at jacobf@mlrehab.com, or our department email which is online@mlrehab.com. Since most of the skiers are Neuroworks Patients, they can also reach out to Neuroworks at info@neuroworx.org.

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