TEXT TOPIC: Did someone leave you high and dry?

Don't know if this would be considered leaving me high and dry, but I had a friend encourage me to make a 3 hour detour to see her during a road trip then ghosted me when I got to her town. Didn't return my calls or texts until I'd been home for a week.

I got baptized. My bf told me she couldn't go & support me. She didn't talk to me for 3 yrs. She had moved to Portland & needed me when I heard from her.

ex roommate got pulled over with his girlfriend with him. She asked to go to the bathroom and left him to deal with the cops. Haven't seen her since.

went to Mexico with friends middle of nite offered to pay for hotel they dropped me off in Las Cruces NM and left me there. I was 19. No cell phones called parents crying at sleazy motel, scary. Greyhound took me home

Me and my husband went to Wendover with my brother and a woman he was seeing. In the morning we didn't hear from them so thought they left early. Right when we got home at night, I got a call from my brother just waking up in his hotel room wondering what happened. The girl got mad at him for flirting with other women in front of her so she left him in the hotel room and drove home to Salt Lake. My husband had to turn around and drive right back to Wendover to pick him up. He got energy drinks and energy shots on the way there.

ex boyfriend up and moved out when I went into work that morning. I came home to an empty house and my mom standing there telling me to breathe.

When I was 15 I wanted to go to the color festival in Spanish fork. We had an agreement that my friends mom would drop us off and my mom would pick us up. Well when it was over I called my mom and she said that it would be a waste of gas to get us and that I need to find another ride. We ended up waiting like three hours because my friend mom was in a movie and didn't see us call her until later.

hubby and I went to Vegas with a friend couple. I think the other couple did drugs because he went crazy violent put hands on his girl and my hubby then disappeared. She left with a friend with my work laptop in his car. Luckily my brother happened to be in Vegas too and he gave us a ride home.

My ex husband left me at a truck stop in Tooele when we went out to see a friend and we got in a fight. My mom drove from West Jordan (where we lived) to come pick me up.

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