TEXT TOPIC: What did you do in secret?

Got a Vasectomy so my GF wouldn’t try to get pregnant. I was done having kids

full mommy makeover. Tummy tuck/boob job. Took a little over a week off work. Pretended to have pulled a back muscle when I went back. No one knew ????

when I was 26 I got my tubes tied, never had kids and an only child. No one but my husband knows. I'm 36 and don't regret it at all, but family asking if we are ever having kids. UHHH NOPE! ??

my mom got married to her on and off boyfriend of 13 years no one in the family liked him. I found out on accident after they divorced. Me and my oldest brother are the only one that knows.

I am currently going to school with only my parents sister and daughter knowing And keeping it a secret until I graduate

went. thru 2 rounds of.ivf!

Me and my husband have been married 16 years...he is my 2nd marriage and I am his 3rd we didn't need a wedding so we eloped to Vegas to get married we did not tell anyone till we got home

Had a twin boy to my daughter. My x brother in law pushed me down stairs. Went into early labor. The boy past due to trauma but my daughter lived. Nobody but the nurses and Dr knew. They paid for a burial and a headstone

my now husband and I dated in secret for a few months (we were off and on for years/co parented our first) but when we got back together. Not one single person knew. It got funny when people were trying to figure out the time line when we had our surprise second baby, and then had to tell people we were together.

I'm low key a big time stoner but no one knows been 5 years people think I love gambling and dinosaurs how much I go to wendover and dinosaur co

Back in March I had a one night stand with a former coworker and only my best friend knows-Oh and I am married

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