Listener Remembers Son Who Should Be 17

This beautiful boy should be here celebrating his 17th birthday. But instead I think about who he would be? How tall? Would he still love to cuddle and watch movies on a sunday afternoon? Would he have a girlfriend ? Would hw serve a mission?

I don’t know about any of these things but what I do know is he would still have the biggest heart. He would love his family more than anything. That he will still have those service boots by the door. That he would still love dippy eggs with homemade toast. That his smile would still light up the darkest room.

I know he walks with me everyday. That he is with me when I am my happiest and even when I am sad. He made so many smile while he waS here and that so many still think of him and smile even bigger.

I hate how we lost you but I know it’s not in vain. Your story has saved the lives of many and we will continue to raise awareness about that stupid game THE CHOKING GAME. Keston continue to shine down on us and know my heart hurts but remember Gods promise and we will be reunited. And I can’t wait for that day. Happy. birthday my beautiful boy.

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