TEXT TOPIC: Do you hate the music your spouse listens to?

My husband listens to 1950s and 1960s. I can't stand it. He's 36 years old not 70 years old!

I like a lot of types of music and can deal with almost all but he listens to scream o and I can't stand it.

I love Country and Rap he hates it. He likes heavy metal and I think its angry music.

hubby likes death metal at a greatly increased volume

the wife listens to the accapella group Homefree, to me it sounds like nails in a blender

I don't mind his Classic Rock but I despise when he listens to The Doors. And He hates all of my Country music

my husband listen to county western music and I can't STAND IT. Lol this is a new (within the last 2 years) interest

basically any podcast/song my wife turns on flat out sucks lol

my husband listens to death metal which I can't but I listen to rap and he can't stand that.

boyfriend listens to death metal. I love Justin Bieber lately and country. He hates it!

My husband is stuck in high school...he listens to hit songs from around 2005-2008

my husband listens to hard-core screaming rock, and it immediately sets me off. I just want to go over and hit the power button!

my husband hates listening to my 2000s radio and hip hop music. I'll nicely change it when he walks in. He also "hates" Bruno Mars

wife can't stand when I listen to ice cube. Oh well. I like everything except screaming metal I can't understand.

my hubby HATES Blink 182 or anything punk. Sorry, loved them for 20+ years

hubs listens to "Sea Shanty" aka pirate music. He can't stand I listen to Christian

My husband Listen to Korn and I cannot stand them

I listen to a lot of Kpop music and my hubby hates it as he is half Japanese

my husband listens to talk radio and it's like nails on a chalkboard. Love you guys!

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