Help if You Can: Listener's Sister Going Through Chemo for Breast Cancer

"My sister is in stage 4 breast cancer, she has three beautiful girls one is since now been married and going up to college in Logan, Utah and two beautiful daughters at home. She is currently on chemo and the chemo drugs are the strongest chemo drugs that they can place someone with breast cancer on, with that being said she’s super sick with nausea bodyaches and tiredness and yet she still gets up and she fights and she is the best mom to her girls and she still tries to go to work being miserable because she knows that she cannot make her own bills without help. However she is a fighter. But she doesn’t like to take from people or ask for help..... just her pride however we as a family who decided to reach out and try to get some support for her... we feel

Is right. Also her hair is falling out rapidly and we decided to get her some wigs to make her feel a little bit more comfortable. Her comment “where is my womanhood “and as much as we try to tell her no she is not losing womanhood. That doesn’t define you and we know it’s hard when you’re the one going through it. I am asking that if anyone has any thing to spare whether it be a 1$ 5.$ $20 please help this young beautiful vibrant lady raise her kids and be comfortable in doing it ,so we’re not worried about her going to work every single day and being miserable. I love the drive that she has however I think there’s a time when every human needs a little bit of help. And I feel like it is Jenn‘s turn to get a little. She is helped everyone she’s always willing to give up what she has to help anyone in need. Now it’s time that we stand up and help her get through this difficult time. Anything matters and counts!! "

Her Venmo is @Jennifer-ScharmanHumphrey

Anything matters and counts!! 

Photo: Getty Images

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